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"Ginspiration Point" served at Alcazar and Milk & Honey for the rest of 2017.

"Ginspiration Point" served at Alcazar and Milk & Honey for the rest of 2017.


Alcazar Tapas Bar wins

"Official drink of

Santa Barbara"

“Ginspiration Point” is a tribute to Inspiration Point, one of the most famously beautiful hiking trails in Santa Barbara’s foothills.  The refreshing, citrus-forward cocktail is dominated by locally sourced ingredients, from the base spirit, Cutler’s Artisan Spirits Gin, distilled in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone neighborhood, to locally produced Nostrum’s Pineapple Turmeric Ginger Shrub.  Other ingredients include Bénédictine, Chartreuse, and fresh produce and herbs sourced from Santa Barbara Farmers Markets: lime, mint, rosemary flowers and egg white.

Alvaro Rojas, owner of Alcazar Tapas Bar says: “Like Santa Barbara’s rich paradise, ‘Ginspiration Point’ echoes a lush variety of flavors, textures and tones. This beautiful cocktail is complex, unique and robust but also easygoing and effortlessly elegant. Thus, the feelings and flavors our cocktail conjures are analogous to the Santa Barbara community’s zest for life and affection for the beauty and variety we experience with our climate, culture and outdoor life.”

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