Boathouse, Santa Barbara

Why we love Boathouse-

Tucked away at beautiful Arroyo Burro Beach, this gem provides an exceptional dining experience with breathtaking views. Also known to locals as Hendry’s Beach, this popular destination offers spectacular sunsets and everything you love about the beach. Boathouse gives you the opportunity to sample culinary perfection while sipping cocktails overlooking a pristine beach setting.

We love their Local Black Cod. Locally owned and operated, Boathouse sources local ingredients and brings you some of the freshest seafood.

If you’re looking for a dining experience at the beach try Boathouse and you’ll see why we call it one of the best restaurants in Santa Barbara.

2981 Cliff Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93109
(805) 898-2628
Breakfast M-F 7:30-11:30
Lunch M-F 11:30-5, Sat, Sun 2:30-5
Dinner M-F 5 to close